EHHF 2015

10th Annual Meeting

Dublin, Ireland

20-22 May 2015



Heritage-led Regeneration and Consolidation

The Heads' Booklet 

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List of Participants

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Benjamine DOBBELAERE, EHHF Administrative Secretary

EHHF Secretariat report

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Minister Heather HUMPHREYS, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht

Speaking notes - dinner Castletown House

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Wolfgang GOEHNER, Chairman of the European Heritage Legal Forum

Report of the EHLF for 2015

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Erminia SCIACCHITANO, Policy Officer at the EU Directorate General for Education and Culture

Recent developments on heritage policies in the EU

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Terje NYPAN, Senior Councellor at the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage
The Economic Taskforce - The Commission initiative for improved cultural statistics
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Sonja VANBLAERE, Administrator General of the Flanders Heritage Agency

Shifting mentality in the public heritage administration (Workshop session)

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Oliver MARTIN, Head of Section of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture

Nex EHHF Annual Meeting in Switzerland

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Cees VAN 'T VEEN, Director General of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Shifting mentality in the Dutch public administration (Workshop session)
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Mikko HARO, Director of Department, National Board of Antiquities of Finland

Adaptive reuse (Workshop session)

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Jesper HERMANSEN, Director General of the Danish Agency for Culture

Development and Planning (Workshop session)

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Boris DEANOVIC, Conservation Consultant at the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia

The public perception of heritage (Workshop session)

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John MUHOLLAND, Chief Executive of Kilkenny County Council

The Local Government Perspective
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Martin COLREAVY, Principal Advisor, Built Heritage and Architectural Policy, DAHG, Ireland

Shaping the Future – Heritage led Regeneration
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Paraic FALLON, Senior Planner at Dublin City Council

Managing the Historic City: Dublin

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Executive Summary

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