EHHF 2012

7th Annual Meeting

Potsdam, Germany

23-25 May 2012


Public Engagement with Cultural Heritage


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Petr PAVELEC (Czech Republic)

Development and actual status of measures in the field of protected areas in the Czech Republic

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Barbara NEUBAUER (Austria)

Cultural heritage protection in Austria. The path to the future

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Rainer WENRICH (Germany)

Annotations to cultural education as a culture of knowledge

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Bruno FAVEL (France)

European Heritage Label and Herein update (Link to the report)

Alfredas JOMANTAS (Lithuania)

Monitoring Group – a regional approach for cultural heritage

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Anne Mette RAHBAEK (Denmark)

How to get a European perspective on Danish heritage using digital platforms

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Thomas DRACHENBERG (Germany)

With angels and on location – new formats of public relations in Brandenburg
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Paulina FLORJANOWICZ (Poland)
Communicating Heritage. What for and for Whom?
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Patrick SANAVIA (Luxembourg)

Inherit, recognize and protect; a common process in Luxembourg

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Marilyn LEWIS (UK Wales)

Creativity is the key

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Katalin WOLLAK (Hungary)

Europae Archaeologiae Consilium

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Wolfgang Karl GOHNER (Germany)

The interest or the impact of the European cultural heritage and its protection supported on the EU level

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Vasco FASSINA (Italy)

European Technical Committee - CEN TC 346 - Conservation of Cultural Heritage

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Johanna LEISSNER (Germany)

European cultural heritage research at stake?

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Wolfgang GOHNER (Germany)

EHLF update

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Brigitte MYLE (Belgium), Paulina FLORJANOWICZ (Poland)

The Reflection Group “EU and cultural heritage”, report and proposed actions

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Terje NYPAN (Norway)

On the mission and experience of the EHLF. What are the challenges for the future?

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Lars AMREUS (Sweden)

Current trends in Swedish culture heritage conservation

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Final Conclusions of Potsdam, 2012

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