EHLF Meetings

PDF icon EU Directives screened by the EHLF (500 KB, pdf) - 2015
5-6 October 2015, Brussels

Erminia Sciacchitano (European Commission, DG Education and Culture)

Recent developments heritage policies at EU level

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Juha Maaperä (Finland)

Heritage-based exceptions to the REACH Regulation

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Teje Nypan (Norway)

European Standardization System - CEN/TC 346 Conservation of Cultural Heritage

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Terje Nypan (Norway)

Review of the achievements of the EHLF since its establishment in 2008 

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Jacek Brudnicki (Poland)

The List of Heritage Treasures – new form of protection of the most precious movable monuments in Poland

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Minutes from the Meeting 

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