The European Heritage Legal Forum (EHLF) was founded in 2008 following the EHHF annual meeting held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Heads agreed in their Final Statement to the creation of a sub-committee to improve their capacity for early identification of EU legislation which may cause a potential threat to cultural heritage. A forum of legal experts and policy officers appointed by the national competent authorities was subsequently formed which reports to the EHHF. The mission of the EHLF is to ensure that relevant information on the development and potential consequences of proposed legislation developed by the European Union is circulated in a timely manner to heritage state authorities. In addition to this monitoring task, the EHLF may make recommendations to the EHHF for revised wording of the draft legislation and possible exemptions for cultural heritage. The EHLF operational guidelines were reviewed in 2019 in Berlin. The European Heritage Legal Forum gathers once or twice a year in average and is currently chaired by Mr. Wolfgang Karl Goehner (Germany). For the period 2019-2023, the members nominated a new secretariat composed of Vera Ameels (Belgique _ Flandres), Jacek Buonaventura Brudnicki (Poland), Wolfgang Karl Göhner (Germany), Tove Elise Ihler (Norway), Juha Maaperä (Finland) and Alexandra Warr (England).

European Legislation and Cultural Heritage (7 MB, pdf) - 2006

Effects of European Union legislation on the built cultural heritage (1 MB, pdf) - 2009

Cultural Heritage and Legal aspects in Europe (7 MB, pdf) - 2010