EHHF 2007


2nd Annual Meeting

Prague, Czech Republic

9-11 May 2007



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Delegate List

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Georges ZOUAIN (France)

Cultural Heritage in the light of economic analysis

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Daniel THEROND (Council of Europe)

The HEREIN Project 

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Terje NYPAN (Norway)

The inadvertent impact of EU Directives on cultural heritage

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Steen HVASS (Denmark)

New developments in Denmark

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Julián Martínez GARCIA (Spain)

National plans in Spain

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Kees de RUITER (Netherlands)

The economics of the Dutch cultural landscape

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Marcin GAWLICKI (Poland)

New directions for the National Heritage Board of Poland 

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Henrik LINDBLAD (Sweden)

Towards Future Heritage Management in Sweden

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Final Statement EHHF 2007 Prague

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