EHHF 2016

  • Photo Group 2016

11th Annual Meeting

Bern, Switzerland

18-20 May 2016



Change in the cultural heritage sector


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The Heads' Booklet

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List of Participants

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Group discussions

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Terje NYPAN, Senior Councellor at the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage

The Economic Taskforce - work report

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Wolfgang GOEHNER, Chairman of the European Heritage Legal Forum

Report of the EHLF for 2016

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Terje NYPAN, Senior Councellor at the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage

The EU Water Framework Directive and its implications for heritage

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Bénédicte SELFSLAGH, World Heritage & Cultural Heritage Expert, ICOMOS

Political Discourse and Realpolitik in Europe: New approaches - Old approaches

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Paul FOX, Member of the UK National Committee of the Blue Shield

Heritage destruction in conflict and crisis

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Stefano DE CARO, Director General ICCROM

ICCROM and Europe

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The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage & Arts Council Norway 

People and Possibilities: European cultural heritage cooperation

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Mechtild ROSSLER, Director of Heritage Division and Director of the World Heritage Centre, UNESCO

UNESCO’s Global Action

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Gianluca SILVESTRINI, Head, Managing Diversity Division, Council of Europe

Council of Europe: Cultural Heritage Activities
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Cees VAN 'T VEEN, Director General of the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency

Speech on the new Dutch Heritage Act

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Executive Summary

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