European Cultural Heritage Strategy for the 21st century – HEREIN Consultation

The HEREIN System has launched a consultation on the methodology for drawing up the “European Cultural Heritage Strategy for the 21st century” (Link to the HEREIN consultation). This Strategy has been announced during the 6th Conference of Ministers responsible for cultural heritage (22-24 April 2015) in Namur. The Namur Declaration stated that the Strategy “should promote a shared and unifying approach to cultural heritage management, based on an effective legal framework for the integrated conservation of heritage” and that it “should offer a vision and a framework for the next ten years” (Link to the Namur Declaration). The Strategy should also “focus on the following priorities:

  • the contribution of heritage to the improvement of European citizens’ quality of life and living environment;
  • the contribution of heritage to Europe’s attractiveness and prosperity;
  • education and lifelong training;
  • participatory governance in the heritage field;”


The consultation is accessible via the “Crowdfinding” tool which is at the disposal of the countries participating in the HEREIN System with the view to collect and manage rapidly thematic or specific information. Two crowdfindings have already been initiated by France (Ministry of Culture and Communication) in the past few months. The first request concerned the project for a European event about gardens and the second related to the application of the European Regulation No. 1907/2006 REACH. The results of these crowdfindings are available to the public on the HEREIN website.

The deadline for the consultation on the methodology for drawing up the “European Cultural Heritage Strategy for the 21st century” is 17 August 2015 and the Strategy is to be adopted by the end of 2016.

Each HEREIN national coordinator is invited to answer the consultation. In parallel, the Heads may take contact with their respective national coordinator (the list is available here) to discuss it. 

The HEREIN System is administered by the Council of Europe and provides an overview of the heritage policies pursued by European countries with regard to the main legislative references. The National reports are accessible by country or theme: financing, participants, legislation, inventories, protection tools, and integrated conservation strategies. The data base is compiled and updated by the national correspondents appointed by the relevant ministries.

Link to the HEREIN System website (